MS Global Finance LLC was founded in New York in 1996 as Emerging Markets Securities LLC. The firm originates and structures fixed-income debt and equity transactions for public- and private-sector clients in the developing world. MSGF then places that debt and/or equity with investors globally.

A distinguishing feature of MSGF's approach to finance is the commitment of the team members to the principles of sustainable economic development. The firm has successfully advised its clients in a wide range of sectors:

  • Infrastructure: roads, airports, water management and waste-water treatment
  • Traditional energy production and distribution
  • Renewable energy: wind, hydro, solar and biomass            
  • Healthcare: hospitals and clinics
  • Housing: government and private development
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture       

Each of these sectors has its own unique requirements as to the most appropriate financing structure. After obtaining an exclusive mandate, usually from the borrower, MSGF engages with the borrower, project sponsor and/or government agencies to determine the best structure for each transaction, and then prepares a term sheet for targeted distribution within the international fixed-income and/or private equity markets.

The financings can be done in the context of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) for various sectors of infrastructure development, often with the direct support of government guarantees for more socially-driven projects.  Alternatively, MSGF will work with government-controlled entities or privately held companies to arrange financing for a greenfield endeavor, a business expansion effort, or a takeover/buyout situation where repayment of the obligation is wholly or partially dependent on project cash flows.

A standing settlement agreement exists between MSGF and Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York to facilitate the settlements between the borrowers and investing parties. Among other benefits, this structure ensures that there is no counterparty risk associated with MSGF. Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas will act as document custodian if desired by the funding/investing party.

MSGF does not lend directly nor does it make a market in the transactions it originates, structures and places with investors.

A wealth of expertise, in the service of the developing world.  

The management team of MSGF comprises senior international financiers with decades of management experience.  Our professionals operate throughout the emerging markets, originating, structuring and placing often highly complex trade, project and corporate finance transactions as well as private equity placements.  The team's background includes senior positions held at several global institutions.