Our Clients

At MSGF, we recognize that the infrastructure needs of emerging nations are critical to support sustained economic development. The construction and maintenance of a nation's infrastructure is a substantial commitment that governments make to their people to achieve a country's growth potential.

Directly and through our many in-country partners and relationships, we work with central and regional government clients, and with their ministries, agencies and corporate subsidiaries as they lay out their development plans for various sectors of their countries' economies. From that, we work with them in arranging and placing the necessary financing to achieve their goals.

We also count among our clients private entities such as well-established local corporations or very large multinationals. These extend in some cases to special-purpose vehicles (SPVs) created by them for specific project purposes and which at times are supported either by an unconditional government guarantee or by another support agreement with a relevant government body. In addition, these private clients often have large trade-finance needs, as importers or exporters, in various parts of the world, and we tailor financial structures to accommodate those needs, whether they be for short- or medium-term liquidity.

MSGF has the experience and the global reach necessary for working with a wide variety of clients; these include, typically:

• Government Ministries/ Sovereign Entities

• Quasi-Sovereign Entities

• Private Developers and Contractors

• Private Corporations