Our Services

All members of MSGF's team have widespread experience traveling and conducting business in the developing world, and the ability to leverage their in-depth knowledge of individual countries and business sectors to select only the most viable transaction opportunities.

The principal services of the firm are in providing advisory work for project and corporate finance as well as structuring and arranging fixed-income, equity and trade-related financings for and on behalf of private-sector corporate clients or government entities.

Fixed-Income and Equity Placements

MSGF originates and structures transactions through its contacts, agents and affiliates in many countries, leveraging its relationships with OECD industrial and service providers. These transactions are mostly in the form of fixed-rate loans denominated mainly in U.S. Dollars and Euros, though occasionally in local currencies, as emerging market obligors and/or institutional investors request and agree. Transaction sizes range from USD 2 million to USD 500 million.

Typical tenors range from 1 to 10 years, depending on the risk profile of the obligor/guarantor, the cash flows involved and the structure of the transaction itself. In some instances, both in purely private and in a few government-sponsored undertakings, a direct equity ownership position is available through our investor base.

Project and Corporate Finance Advisory

MSGF's professionals bring to bear decades of experience in global markets to conduct rigorous analysis, often involving extensive due diligence and financial modeling, in order to determine whether a transaction is financeable or not. MSGF makes every effort to accommodate its clients' needs, and is skilled at advising them on issues critical to the successful placement of transactions. This involves consulting on the structure, amount, tenor and pricing of any borrowing (or equity placement) and engaging in detailed study of the underlying cash flows and assumptions of the project, before the final package is marketed to potential investors. Risk-awareness is a critical piece of any financing. Given that, the firm is committed to understanding and analyzing on behalf of our clients the full extent of the risks embodied in any potential transaction, ranging from political and counterparty risk to operational and transactional risks, and those involving interest rates and currencies.

In all events, MSGF is sensitive to the time and effort required to negotiate and conclude a contract for many projects in the emerging markets. We therefore work closely with many of the world's leading contractors and other service providers on the ground who are experienced in successfully completing projects. The Firm is skilled in structuring complex transactions, which demand a holistic approach in order to be placed successfully with investors. As an example, for a project financing in housing construction, the firm will take the lead to identify, negotiate with, and secure the involvement of all parties to the project, ranging from quantity surveyors and developers, to general contractors, architects, equity investors and lenders, legal counsel, accountants and estate agents.

Trade-Related Financing

Our corporate clients in emerging markets are in continuous need of shorter-term trade financing to support their receivables and inventories as importers and/or as exporters. This need for short-term liquidity is a constant for corporations in the developing world. MSGF has its roots in the trade sector, from arranging very short-term revolving import-finance facilities to placing often highly complex medium-term pre-export loans. Our firm stands ready with many years of experience to advise our clients on the appropriate structure that will both support their trade liquidity needs and be acceptable to our investor base.

Our Investors

MSGF works with hundreds of institutional investors on five continents, ranging from country-specific banks, regional banks and transnational development and investment institutions, to hedge funds, alternative investment funds and family offices. We endeavor constantly to diversify our investor base, and look to build ongoing relationships with generalist, financial investors having broad portfolio mandates as well as with specialist investors focusing on a particular region, industry or asset class.


MSGF's Advantage:

• Strong analytical ability

• Specific knowledge of emerging markets

• Sensitivity to clients' needs

• Holistic approach to deal structuring

• Risk-awareness